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KBA Sp z o.o.
Al. Jerozolimskie 81, 02-001 Warszawa
Biurowiec Central Tower piętro 17

tel. +48 22 522 23 90
fax +48 22 522 23 91

e-mail: kba@kba.com.pl

NIP: 521-008-96-06,
Regon: 011089780
Zarząd: Tomasz Budziak
Zarejestrowana w: Sądzie Rejonowym dla m. St. Warszawy w XII Wydziale Gospodarczym Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, pod numerem rejestrowym:
KRS: 0000078695
Nr ewid. KIBR: 84
Wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 90 000 zł

Launch and administration support

KBA operates for companies and trusts on the basis of an entry into the register kept by the Minister of Finance under number RDST-1418

Our purpose is to provide administrative support for managing a company so the Management Board could focus on conducting business.
We have special experience in cooperation with foreign investors starting operations in Poland.

However plans sometimes change and activities must be discontinued. Our support in carrying out liquidation makes it easier to withdraw from interests and allows our client to devote their time to more forward-looking activities.
Polish law requires the investor’s company to have an address for its registered office (under a lease agreement or another legal title), not only a mailbox. It is necessary to register a company.

Within the supplementation of our outsourcing services, we help companies fulfil these requirements through a bundled service which not only fulfils the formal requirements, but also provides actual support in remote administration of the entity.

professionals in the field of accounting, taxes and business consulting

Future and sustainability of business

KBA Sp. z o.o.

We specialise in working with businesses and people, crossing borders of… countries, technologies and human barriers. The more than twenty professionals in our team use their qualifications to serve our clients.

We have been synthesising experience gained in the Polish market with the best practice applied abroad for more than thirty years. We support our clients in conducting and developing business, ensuring assistance of business advisors and accountants.

"knowledge and practice"

The more than twenty professionals in our team use their qualifications to serve our clients.

business of the future



Since 1998, we have been a member of the leading global network of independent consulting and auditing companies. It brings together independent auditors and tax and business advisors from all over the world that have decided to join forces and create a network belonging in 2022 to the world’s TOP 10 audit and advisory service providers.